2013 Marine Corp Marathon Honor Wall

In October I'll be running my 6th marathon and my 20th event for Team LIVESTRONG, raising over $50,000.  The Marine Corp Marathon is an inspirational event all on it's own given the fact that I'll be running past the Pentagon, the 9/11 Memorial, the US Capital, and the countless Marines that plan and support the race.

I keep running marathons for more than personal accomplishment. 

  • I run them to honor those loved ones I have lost to cancer - my mom, dad, sister, aunt, and husband, in addition to Brian's grandmother.  
  • And those that are in the battle for their lives - Brian's father along with numerous friends - several in their second, third or fourth battle. 
  •  I run for the kids across this country like my own that are growing up in a single parent household because cancer stole their mother or father from them.   
  • I run the parents whom have encountered pain I cannot even imagine while watching their children suffer and have their childhood stolen from them because of cancer.  
  • I run for the children who not be alive today had their  parents not be informed and provided resources about fertility options prior to chemotherapy.
Last year I was inspired each step of the way as I ran 26.2 miles with the names of 27 individuals - mine and your friends and family members impacted by cancer.

Each mile was dedicated to one of these individuals.

Each mile I looked down at my wrist and remembered the stories you shared about that individual.

Each mile I kept going because I kept thinking of your loved one impacted by cancer.  Those individuals we honored kept me going....inspired me...and each mile I shared a little story about who I was running for with my Team LIVESTRONG teammates.

This year I would be honored if you would let me honor your loved ones once again.  I will run 26.2 miles through our nations capital with their name on my back.

A minimum donation of $26.20 is required for each mile dedicated.  After the race, I will mail you a photo card of the in honor/in memory card.

Please use the link below to make your donation and be sure to add a personal note on the form including the name of the individual you are honoring, a little about them and maybe your favorite memory/song/quote etc. that reminds you of them.  Don't forget to indicate which mile you would like to dedicate to them....and if there is a sentimental reason for that mile, please share with me if you feel comfortable doing so.  

I have purchased 4 miles myself for my loved ones cancer has stolen from me - my mom when I was 3 years old, my father, my sister, and my spouse.  I am vested in this with my wallet and feet.  
I run for those than cannot.....the pain they endure in battling this awful disease is nothing in comparison to the pain I'll endure running or the pain our wallets will feel by making a donation.  The funds donated will support LIVESTRONG and the FREE services they provide to those in the midst of their battle, those that have survived and the families/caregivers of cancer fighters.
 If a mile is taken, or if all the miles are taken, feel free to donate in honor of that person to support that mile!
Thank you so much for your support.  Having individuals to run for provides me so much inspiration and keeps me going through the difficult journey of a marathon.
Mile 1: Elizabeth DiBona
Mile 2: Robert DiBona
Mile 3:
Mile 4: 
Mile 5:
Mile 6:
Mile 7:
Mile 8:
Mile 9:
Mile 10:
Mile 11:
Mile 12: 
Mile 13:
Mile 14: Mary Immel
Mile 15:
Mile 16: Vickie Krueger
Mile 17:
Mile 18: 
Mile 19:
Mile 20:
Mile 21: 
Mile 22:
Mile 23:
Mile 24:Janet Castronova
Mile 25: Brian Simmons
Mile 26.0 - 26.2 Brian Simmons

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