Hula Hooping 4 Hope

That little red headed ball of fire and 8 year old cancer hater has taken on a fundraising challenge of her own.....Hula Hooping for Hope.

This began at the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K when she approached a fellow participant that was hula hooping the 5K.  Rachel herself is a seasoned hula hooper - winning a contest at Busch Gardens last summer and spending countless hours in our driveway hula hooping.

Her new friend, Jenni of Jennihoops, was aware that it was Rachel's birthday and had an extra hula hoop in her car.  Suddenly, Rachel was hula hooping all over the LIVESTRONG Challenge - at our team tent, in the parking lot, in our hotel lobby.

While hula hooping in the hotel, several people offered Rachel donations to LIVESTRONG if she hula offered $1 per minute (and luck for him we made her stop at 6 minutes so we could make dinner).  She eventually raised $30 in that few moments.

The wheels in her head started spinning while we were driving home the next day.  She has lots of ideas and will be creating a fundraiser of some sort soon.

In the meantime, she decided to hula hoop in every state we travel far that has included Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Stay tuned for more!