This page is to memorialize/honor those we've lost to cancer and those LivingSTRONG and fighting cancer.  I will run and cycle in honor of all these individuals - whether it be 26.2 miles on my two feet or across Iowa on my two wheels...their names will be along for the journey on my back.  Please share with me your dedication and I'll add it to the wall....and please consider making a $25 donation to LIVESTRONG to help support their efforts in providing hope to those currently in the battle.

Click here to donate to Barbara's efforts to raise $15,000 for LIVESTRONG by RunningSTRONG for Hope 
To add your tribute, please e-mail me at

Brian Simmons
Robert DiBona
Betty DiBona
Janet Castronova
Emma DiBona
Mary Green
Bobby Silberman
Lannie Helton
Debbie Harris
Dorothy Wolfe 
Maureen Ferrell
Arlene Cicconi
Teddy Baldwin
Barbara Chrostowski
Joe Jakaboski - "Grand"
 Thelma Shalley 
Jeff Osmus 
Barbara Kriemelmeyer
Paul Matthes
Richard Palermo
Deb Barlow 
Brian Louis Wahl
Joe Dressner
Ken Donaldson
Jonathon Cornell
Kyle Snyder
Sean Walsh
Rich Smith
Mike Hussong
Kay Carroll
Sharon Amico
Cammy Potter

Shannon Fox
Susan Davenport
Katie Schofield 
Christine Mullig 
Laurie Sanderson

Alice Hill
Bobby Dixon
Donna Rawls Reeves 
Erin & Lakin Osmus  
Matt McNelley
Paul Horchler
Jody Derezinski Williams 
Bruce Simmons 
Scott Richardson 
Mark Segobiano 
Jamie Lindsay
Wendy Chioji
Mara Chibnik
Marty Smith 
Cynthia Walker
Steve Burns
Michael Pape 
John Brown
Linda Hankemeier
Elizi Catt
Ellen Brotzman-DeSart


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