Thursday, October 28, 2010

200 Miles to Kick Cancer's it all began

Ok, I'll admit, I'm not a techy person.....I know how to log on to my computer, read my e-mail and reply....but that's about it.  Writing a blog is new to me so please bear with me!

Let me tell you a bit about me.....I am a widow that is fighting back on the disease that has robbed my children of a lifetime of memories with their father, the plans made for my own lifetime with the man I loved, as well as the untimely and early passing of my mother, father, aunt, sister and several friends to this terrible disease.

I am a big supporter of LiveStrong - a wonderful organization that provides hope to those fighting cancer....hope of survival....something that was greatly missing for every one of my family members during their fight.  I just couldn't sit back and do nothing so for the past two years, I've participated in fundraising efforts to benefit the LiveStrong organization.

2011 is no different....however I've decided to kick it up a notch!  An avid runner (although not necessarily the fastest runner), I have completed numerous half marathons over the years and as a member of Team LiveStrong the past two Chicago Marathons.  Seems like alot....especially while raising 3 active children - one in high school, junior high and elementary school - but the running has provided me a great outlet to the stress my life is surrounded by on a daily basis due to the unfortunate circumstances that cancer has created for my family.

So for 2011, I've decided to run at least one half or full marathon a month in honor of the 28 million fighting cancer worldwide and specifically, in memory of Brian, Mom, Dad, & Janet....while raising funds to help great folks at LiveStrong continue on with the awesome work they do in each of our communities.

Approximately 200 miles run in races during 2011 = approximately the combined ages of those near and dear to me that I've lost.

Again, I'm not a writer, not a blogger.  Just a single widowed mom trying to kick cancer's butt one step at a time.  I'll use this blog to provide at least weekly updates on my training, etc and would love to hear from those of you that are in similar situations.  Thankfully I've never met too many people that are in my position but I know you are out there!

Gotta go lace up those shoes.....LiveStrong my friends!


  1. Wow - you really seem like an incredible person. I am happy I stumbled across your blog. I, too, am currently trying to figure out the blog thing, so good luck!

  2. I love your blog. I am in a similiar boat...I'm not a techie or a writer/blogger. But I started a blog at and am riding my bike across the country this summer (I'm not much of a cyclist either--I'm a runner) to raise money for LiveStrong after my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I haven't raised that much yet, but you are an inspiration to me. Thank you!