Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RunningSTRONG for Hope Kick-Off!

This weekend I am heading off to Milwaukee.  No, I am not a Green Bay Packer fan, nor am I a Chicago Bears fan....although I'd cheer for either if the drinks were cold, plentiful and served in frosted mugs.  I may be the only one that will be in Wisconsin this weekend that isn't there to partake in any football festivities.

I am headed to Milwaukee to run my first half marathon of 2011.....the first "official" race of the Running Strong for Hope Coast to Coast Tour.

Yes, you read that 13.1 miles in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (just in clarify in case there is another Milwaukee in a warmer climate)....home of Laverne & January.  That is not a typo....I did not intend to say June.....January is correct.

Crazy huh?  Here's a quick look at the weather forecast for Saturday:


Few Snow Showers


Wind: From SW at 5 mph

Yep....quite a unseasonably balmy day for Wisconsin.  Double digits!  Woo-whoo!!

Don't worry.  I am not that crazy.  I will run in the cold but never again in temps below 20 degrees with wind chills.  Did that a few times before and once icicles started forming on my eye lashes....and threatened to freeze my eyes together, I stopped doing that.

I am actually running in an indoor half marathon....The InStep IceBreaker Indoor Half Marathon at the Pettit National Ice Rink (there is a running track along the rink).  A very comfortable 50 degrees.

47 laps = 13.1 raise funds for LIVESTRONG.

Again, crazy huh?  Not really.  There is also a full marathon.....and because they are on separate days, you can actually run the half and full.....those people are crazy!

 As I start my Running Strong for Hope Coast to Coast Tour - 200 miles to Kick Cancer's about considering making a donation to kick this baby off:

  • $47 for the number of laps I'm running
  • $67 for the total temps indoors & out
  • $200 for the total miles I am racing this year
  • $126 for the number of laps I ran last weekend for my 14 mile training run
  • $47 for the number of high fives I hope to get from my daughter
  • Or any amount you feel is appropriate....I'll even match the most creative explanation for their donation amount
On-line donations can be made at

The coolest part of this race?  I get to have my own "pit crew" to hand me drinks, etc as I round those laps.  My crew includes my "Cancer is Bad" 7-year old red headed spitfire (I can't wait to get 47 high fives from her!) and a great friend....a fellow LIVESTRONG Chic that has no connection to cancer and has willingly jumped into a dirty murky lake as the swimmer on my LIVESTRONG Chics Triathlon Relay team.

So looking forward to this experience - a new race, a new venue, a race completely different than the other 15 half marathons I have raced prior....and most importantly, getting the Running Strong for Hope tour moving!


  1. Holy moly - 47 laps on an indoor track??! GOOD LUCK!!
    I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  2. Can't wait for your recap! I was thinking about my friends running it yesterday! :)