Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Year of the Bike....RunningSTRONG on Two Wheels

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They're what make the instrument stretch-what make you go beyond the norm.”

This year I am taking on a new challenge.  Not that running a half marathon every month or running full marathons is not challenging....they are.

I lost a bet....a bet that in hindsight, I am actually glad that I lost.

Last year I entered into a little wager with some cycling friends of mine.  They offered up to each run a marathon in exchange for me riding RAGBRAI - a 7 day bike ride across the state of Iowa.  I took them up on it but recognized that running a marathon is hard - even for a runner like myself.  So, I let them off the hook a little.  They just needed to each run a half marathon.

Well, they all did.  And I think they all appreciated how difficult running can be.

And I am glad that they accomplished this goal.  All three tried something new.  All three worked extremely hard at being successful.

And better yet, I am taking on a challenge I NEVER would have considered before.

And I am excited about it!

I am not very comfortable as a cyclist (first of all, it took me three years and some coaching by one of these friends to learn to call myself a cyclist instead of a biker).   I don't understand all the intrincities of cycling.  Running - piece of cake.  I put on my shoes and go.  Well, I guess it really isn't that easy, but when you are comfortable with something, it is easy, right?

So, I am allowing myself to get out of my comfort zone.  This July, I will be riding 471.1 miles across July, more than likely in the middle of a Midwest heatwave.  In addition, I'll be pitching a tent each evening.....this is actually more scary for me!  I don't mind camping, as long as someone else is doing all the setting up.  So, yet another challenge for me.

Isn't life about getting out of your comfort zone?  I think so.  And this is exactly what I push myself out of my comfort get "unstuck."  Just one of many changes I'll be making this year - but that is another blog post entirely!

Not only am I riding across Iowa as a challenge to myself, but also to spread awareness about LIVESTRONG and raise funds to allow this outstanding organization to provide support to those battling cancer.

I am still "RunningSTRONG" as I'll be doing a few running events this year - Hood to Coast and the Chicago Marathon - but my focus will be on the bike.  I'm "RunningSTRONG on Two Wheels" is the year of the bike!

More details to come but there will be several opportunities for you to provide support to me along the way.  I plan on blogging about my journey as well as share more information about LIVESTRONG.

I will be riding 471.1 miles for cancer you have someone you would like me to ride for?  If so, keep following....more details to come!  

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope you'll follow along!

Support Barb as she takes on RAGBRAI - Team

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