Friday, August 3, 2012

Five for Five on the Fifith

Sunday is August 5th.

Just another day of summer...right? 

Not in my world.  Each of the 15 days proceeding August 5th is significant to me.

Eight years ago, August 5th was the LAST day cancer was not part of our daily world.   August 6th was the day my husband and childrens' father, Brian,  was admitted to the hospital and our cancer journey began.

August 5th was still filled with hope of a lifetime together.  I would do anything to have 5 minutes back with Brian....and my sister....and my mother....and my father.

So, in honor of this hope and the chance others can have a lifetime of memories with their  their loved ones,  hope, I am asking you to join me in donating $5 to LIVESTRONG - $5 for 5 minutes on the 5th.

I've done the cycling across Iowa and I'll do the running across Oregon at Hood to Coast and through the streets of Chicago during the Chicago Marathon.  All I ask, is that you part with $5.00 - one Starbucks Grande Latte or one IP Brew or one Chipotle Burrito.

Can we get 50 $5.00 donations on the 5th for 5 more minutes??  Use the link below. 

Thanks so much!

5/5/5 Donations to Support LIVESTRONG

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