Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am Speechless

I am speechless......yes, amazing I know.

I cannot believe the generosity I have received this past two weeks:

  • AMAZING OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT....this bit of generosity blows me away the most.....over $2,200 in donations to my LIVESTRONG fundraising.  Over $1,200 in ONE week!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!  This is a cause that is VERY near and dear to me....and I am always speechless that others are willing to support me so effortlessly.  THANK YOU!  I am 1/5th of my goal of $10,000....although my stretch goal is $15,000.  Can we raise $3,500 before I head to Los Angeles to run the marathon on March 20th??
  • Outstanding customer service.....It didn't appear as outstanding service when my flight was canceled due to blizzard conditions.  After being dropped numerous times by American Airline employees and voicing frustration on Twitter, an amazing Social Media representative jumped in and took ownership of my issue....which resulted in me getting rebooked on the only flight American was able to get into my little town in the days following the blizzard.
  • LIVESTRONG Assembly....I was eventually able to make it to Austin, TX...better late than never (I love is one of those cities I would pick up my family and drop everything if the opportunity presented questions asked).  I was in Austin to attend the LIVESTRONG Assembly - a gathering of over 700 advocates - mentors, leaders, partners.  I was there as a first year mentor.  The  energy surrounding any LIVESTRONG event is always very rejuvinating....and if you've read my earlier post How LIVESTRONG Saved Me from the Tilt-a-Whirl, you'll understand why I am so grateful for this opportunity.  I continue to meet the most inspiring individuals at these events and am constantly in awe of their accomplishments.  As much as I wish we didn't need to have an event like this, it is such an uplifting experience to be surrounded by others with a common interest....that "get" my situation, and can understand where I am coming from when I talk about my concerns and struggles.
  • And last....but not least....the friends that surround me on a daily basis - physically and virtually - that continue to remind me  I a not alone, I am a strong woman, I am capable.  My favorite quote of the week....Impossible = I'm Possible. 
THANK YOU....I love you and appreciate you all being in my life!

Time to pay it forward for all the generosity sent my way....I will match ALL donations made over the next 48 hours.....from 11:30 pm Thursday, February 10h through 11:30 pm, Saturday, February 12th.  Please use the link below to make a donation on-lineDONATE TO BARBARA'S LIVESTRONG FUNDRAISING ACCOUNT....AND DOUBLE YOUR DONATION WITH BARBARA'S MATCHING

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