Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sledge Hammers, Shoveling, Dreadmills, Tracks & Tire Flipping....January 2011

Hard to believe 2011 is 1/12th over.  Seems as though the older I get, the faster time goes by.  Makes me wonder if I am really taking advantage of every moment.

I had lots of time to reflect on the first 31 days of 2011as I spent th e day shoveling piles of snow while being snowbound in my house with three kids on day two of "Snowmageddon 2011."  After shoveling for an hour here and an hour there; throwing countless loads of winter wear in the dryer only to load it all on again to shovel some more;  fighting with the garage door that apparently is also a culprit of the blizzard - frozen and refusing to budge; and lastly, fighting with the masses to get through to American Airlines to rebook a flight for a long awaited trip to Austin, TX to meet up with the rest of the LIVESTRONG Mentors (an exciting turn of events this year....I was asked to be a LIVESTRONG Mentor for the Chicago Marathon!).

Finally shoveled out - thanks to two strapping teenage boys and one very pink 7-year old, as well as meeting a new neighbor a few doors down traveling with a snow blower (THANK YOU!!).  As I finally got around to changing the calendar on the kitchen wall, it hit me....January is over.  Did I accomplish anything?

  • I ran 94 miles.....all indoors on the dreadmill or track.  I probably could have run more but this is a lot considering I have had a nagging reoccurring injury the past two years....and could barely walk the weeks leading up to the Chicago Marathon.
  • Watched a lot of junior high basketball.
  • Completed my first indoor half marathon as my first 2011 event for RunningSTRONG for Hope (read about it here)
  • Signed up for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May as a member of Team LiveSTRONG
  • Committed again for the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge as a member of Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) with the plan to ride a very hilly 45 miles.
  • Made updates to my blog (I consider this blog a technical developmental opportunity)
  • Completed several long runs in preparation for the Honda LA Marathon in March on Team LIVESTRONG.  OK, not such a big deal BUT these were a test of my mental toughness as the winter weather has not cooperated with long 12, 14 & 16 milers were all completed on an indoor track (9 laps - 1 mile).  I overcame monotony and did these runs alone.  To be honest with you, these runs were some I've been proudest of when all said and done.
  • Shoveled A LOT of snow.
That's me swinging a hammer on the left....a GREAT stress reliever
  • Tried out a new strength program (much needed) at CrossFit Bloomington-Normal....and was somehow given the green light to move on from the newbies class.  (I hate, hate, hate strength training because I'm pretty weak but this program is a blast....they don't let me swing a sledge hammer and flip a tractor tire at the local gym down the street). 

  • Raised $1,500 towards my $15,000 goal for LIVESTRONG.  Not bad for one month.
  • Started sending letters to potential RunningSTRONG for Hope sponsors.  This is something I've never done before so it was with a bit of anxiousness that I sent a few requests out....and got my first RunningSTRONG for Hope sponsor!  Monster Pawn - thank you Kathy & Ed!
Wow....a lot in 31 days (along with a lot of laundry, dishes, car pooling, homework, grocery shopping, refereeing 3 kids, etc). 

Now the get even more accomplished in February.....28 days.....a piece of cake!

Please consider helping continue to meet my fundraising goals for LIVESTRONG by clicking the link below:
Barb's LIVESTRONG Online Fundraising Page

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  1. Congrats on being a mentor!!! It will be so rewarding - you will love it!