Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Love of Sports - A Father's Day Tribute

Written by my daughter for her father, but my sentiments exactly for my own father

The Boston Bruin's Stanley Cup win this week was very fitting for Father's Day.

My father was a HUGE Bruin's fan - and shared his love of all Boston sports with his family....along with his love of hockey.  We may have been born and raised in New York, but there isn't a Yankee or Met fan among his children - and anyone we brought home to meet him that was, was greeted with a bit of suspect.

My father unfortunately passed away in 2003 after a valiant battle with cancer....never witnessing the Boston Red Sox winning a World Series in his lifetime.  They ended that 86 year drought the following year in St. Louis (I, along with all our local Cubs fans, were thrilled with that win).

I give my father credit for my love of sports and competitive spirit.  He encouraged his children to participate in sports - and back in the 70's that was not as popular as it is now for our children.  Although he wasn't able to attend many of my field hockey games and track meets, he always was willing to drive me to/from practices, camps, and support me in my quest to play in college.  He also was very supportive when I decided to quit playing field hockey - after all those practices, camps, etc.  It was my decision and he never once asked me to reconsider or make me feel regretful.

My mother passed away when I was 2 years old - again a loved one lost after a battle with cancer - and my father was left with his own grief, 5 children and in a city without any family support.  I had no appreciation for what he endured and sacrificed for the five of us - although I suspect all children lack this ability.

How ironic that 36 years later, I was placed in the same situation.  Sadly, my father passed away the year prior to Brian's passing.  I have lost count of the number of times I have wished he were alive so I could ask him how he did it, for advice in raising children alone, how he overcame the loneliness, how he juggled all the parenting tasks so effortlessly.  My father NEVER appeared to be drowning - never appeared to be filled with the anxiety I have on occasion been paralyzed with.

I am so regretful that I never appreciated what an amazing father he was, how he prepared me to be independent and thrive regardless of what life throws at you.

Earlier this month I wrote a tribute to my husband, Brian, for our anniversary.  I would be remiss to not mention him on this important day as well.

Brian did get to see his Phillies win a World Series back in 1980 as a child,  however, the remainder of his life, he was forced to see them viewed as hapless....and just missed out on their most triumphant years.  He would be pleased that his boys and daughter are diehard Phillies fans - and especially baseball fans.

Just as I am a hockey fan because of my father, Jay and Nolan are 100% fans of not only the Phillies but the game of baseball because of Brian.  Any vacation we took involved baseball.  It didn't matter what city and what teams were playing.  Spring Break trips at Spring Training became a tradition for Brian and the that we've done without him once and it was actually difficult for my older son to not have his dad there.  So much that he asked we not do it the next year.

I know that my children miss their father as much as I miss mine....and I am absolutely grateful for the lifetime of memories I have of my father.

What interest do you have that you credit your father for? 


  1. Ehm.. I'm thinking… I suppose taking care of my finances. I learned that from him!

  2. This reminds me of the wonderful time I spent with Nolan helping him finalize his story about his Dad teaching him about baseball. Laurel's first grade class and Nolan knew exactly what he wanted to write. Love your son.