Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Does Glitter on My Pants Have to Do With Anything?

Sorry for a second post but I have to share this encounter with my daughter today.

"Do you love daddy more now or more when he was alive?" asked Rachel.

"I love him the same."

"Really?????" asked a surprised Rachel.

"Why really?"  I responded.

"Because you seem sad when you are not around him," Rachel stated. do I answer this?  While I was trying to come up with a response an 8 year old would understand.....that somehow encompasses that fact I am sad because I love him and miss him...I hear the following...

"Mom, do you want me to glitter your pants?"


Yes, an actual conversation that just took place 10 minutes ago with my mini-me....all over the place.

Honestly, she went from a very serious topic straight into arts and crafts without batting an eye.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, this just goes to show  as serious as life is all around us, living life is still a priority.  I absolutely love how often Rachel thinks about her dad, but also love that it doesn't keep her from being her.

A great reminder that kids are resiliant although they are always thinking....always wondering....and when bad things happen to them, it is always there somewhere.  And as parents, we need to be prepared because who knows when or where they will want to talk about it.

And, no, I do not want my pants glittered....just in case you are wondering.

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  1. So true. Just saw you're doing RAGBRAI... I heard that event is awesome! Forgot all about it. Good Luck w/training!