Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The 30 days of Movember - A Fitness Challenge

With  my post RAGBRAI/Chicago Marathon exercise break becoming more and more resembling laziness.....I dragged my sorry butt to the gym this evening - it wasn't easy.  My couch was begging me to take a seat and check-in on the latest Superstorm Sandy coverage.  

But my body was saying something different.  My body was begging me to stretch out my limbs, to workout some of the stress that we all build up from life in general, to get the endorphins flowing.

So, my body won tonight.  Unfortunately, I had to take my workout indoors - no more rides or runs outdoors due to the darkness with the earlier evenings.  

I picked out a dreadmill (aka a treadmill) and got my legs moving.  Wow!  I hadn't forgotten how to put one foot in front of the other at a quick pace...shocking!

I decided I should take it easy having not really run much in the past few months.  So slowly I trotted along....picking up the pace as my legs warmed up.  But I promised myself  I was only going to run for 30 minutes.  I was not going to push myself.  Let's take this easy.

During that 30 minutes I started to think about setting a new challenge for myself.

Drum roll please.....

I will participate in 30 minutes of activity each day of Movember.

No, that is not a type.  Movember is the month previously known as November.  Check out this website if you don't know about Movember.  Movember is when men grow mustaches for the month while spreading awareness and raising funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer..

Of course, I cannot grow a mustache, but I can certainly help inspire others to be healthier and learn more about ways to prevent cancer. 

Since exercise is known to help prevent cancer, my challenge involves exercise.

For the 30 days of Movember, I am challenging all of you to consider joining me to do some activity for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

Dancing around your house
Playing tag with your kids
Hula hooping
Strength training

Anything....the point is to get off your couch....to get active for 30 minutes each day.  Don't have 30 minutes?  Really?  Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier.  Take a walk during your lunch.  Take 30 minutes to play with your kids.

Get active!

And if you are a male, grow a mustache while you are at it.

An extra bonus?  We will already be ahead of the game for the holiday meals and goodies that we so regret in January.  We will already be on a path of being active!

So....who wants to join me?  Take on the challenge with me?  Join in on Movember?

To join the challenge - request to  join the private Facebook group:  30 Days of Movember - A Fitness Challenge using this link  https://www.facebook.com/groups/220227311442098/

Once I add you to the page, post your daily 30 minutes of activity.  We will support each other....provide encouragement....become cheerleaders for one another.  All while creating healthier lifestyles for all of us.

And don't forget to sign up for Movember.  There is no cost associated and even if you only raise $20, the funds add up.  Last year, Movember raised over $124 million worldwide in ONE month!  Become a MoBro and grow a hairy ribbon on your upper lip to fight Prostate Cancer.  Ladies, show your support and become a MoSista!  

Come on!  What are you waiting for???


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