Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stuck.... a rut.

One of those ruts that come along with winter.

The early darkness to start nighttime before I leave work.

The wind howling outside.

Darkness in the morning when my alarm goes off.

Coldness surrounding the air outside the cocoon of my bed.

Much to easy to pull my toasty warm blankets over my head than get out of bed.

Stuck in a rut.

I suppose some of this rut is due to the change of seasons....the clocks turning back...the darkness and cold..

But, I suppose most of it is because I accomplished my goal for the year.

I set out to run half marathons and marathons all year long to raise money and awareness for LIVESTRONG.

And I did it.

Some people thought I was crazy.  How in the world would I do that?  How would I fit in the training with three kids?  I was determined....and I had made my goal no way, no how I wasn't going to attempt it.

Yes, I was successful.  But a drawback of this success is being in a rut.  I am a little tired of running.  And, without a big goal ahead of me, it is difficult to get motivated to be training (although my waistline getting tight on all my pants is certainly a bit of motivation).

I do have a half marathon scheduled in February - the LIVESTRONG Austin Half  - so actually I do have something to train for....but February seems so far off when I have had a race each month.

And then there is that typical rut I get into after each marathon I have ever run......

which tend to be in the fall....

and after I take a few weeks off to recover.....

winter has set in....

and BAM....I am in a rut.

This week was going to be the start of my breaking free from the rut.

After eating my way through Thanksgiving, I got in a very satisfying 5 mile run last Friday....spent some time in the weight room....and another 5 miles on Monday.

My plan was to run another 3 or 5 miles tonight.

But then life got in the way......gymnastics and circus practices....a promise to go pick out paint for a little girl's bedroom.....dinner.....helping with homework.

Suddenly, the night got away from too late for a run....and my butt is back in the rut. goal tomorrow......

is to set my alarm.....

place it in my bathroom.....

and when it goes off.....

I will have NO choice but to get out of bed.

My workout clothes will be set out right next to my alarm.....staring me in the face.....guilting me into working out....

with the sign below taped on the bathroom mirror -

Time to become a morning person again.....and I am going to use all the tricks necessary to trick myself.

Keep me honest folks!

Oh - and if you are interested in joining me in Austin this February, consider joining the Team LIVESTRONG team - I can guarantee you that running for such a great cause will be an amazing experience.  Check it out!  Join TEAM LIVESTRONG

12/1/11 Follow-up - Yes, I did get out of bed....and yes, I did get to the gym.  Roughest 3 mile run I've done in a long time.  Although my mind was awake, I don't think my body was quite awake yet.  Gonna take some time to adjust to running in the morning but already I am loving the benefits of it.  Love starting the day off  having accomplished something before anyone else has plans for my time.

Please keep me honest....and if you see me over the next few weeks, ask me how my morning workouts are going!

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  1. After a (fairly) successful running week, I am sitting here in my running clothes without having run today. I will join you tomorrow...and hopefully in Austin (still trying to work out the details).

    Enjoy the rest of your evening (cuz tomorrow you are runnin'!).