Thursday, December 15, 2011

Planking, Planking, Planking.....Planking for LIVESTRONG

Even Santa Planks!
I started doing this PlankaDay thing on Twitter a few months ago to strengthen my back and core....started out doing one a day for 30 seconds....worked my way up to 3 minute planks.....then started adding some side planks, etc.  Boy does it work....65 miles on the bike in Austin last October and no back pain....NYC Marathon in November and no back pain those last few miles.
The Twitter Plankaday movement includes the Plank Police.....and believe me, you'll be called out on Twitter if you don't get in your plank each day.  Just what I need.  Perfect to keep me motivated.  Check it out and consider joining in on the fun! Plank-a-Day Revolution
I have already completed more than 100 planks for December and decided it is time to use my planking for help more than my core and support LIVESTRONG.
But I need your help.
I have a challenge for all of you.....just like I do all the running for my marathons, I'll do all the planking.  BUT, you get to decide how MANY planks I do.
I will do as many planks next week based upon the donations made to my LIVESTRONG 2012 account (I'm currently training for the LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon in February).
Any amount of donation counts.  The number of donations, not the dollar amount, determines the number of planks completed.
Any donation between $1.00 and $9.00 = 1 plank
Any donation $10 or greater = 2 planks
Use this link to make a donation and get me planking
Be quick though.....don't delay.  This special offer to make me suffer with loads of planks ends at midnight Saturday. 
Oh, and don't forget.....this is considered a 2011 TAX DEDUCTION! A win-win for everyone involved!!!


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